Wednesday, 11 March 2015

More Work Done On This One

I have been adding more to my artwork about women who experience flashbacks or nightmares after being in abusive relationships. You can see the video HERE where I describe what the painting is all about. I always used to feel that my abusive ex spouse was 'dead' inside - it was like there was no depth or felling within him. He was like an empty shell, and this is what inspired the cobweb part of the painting. As you can see the male is in the dominant position in the painting - it's like he still there in your flashbacks with the control over you - the woman is smaller, inferior.

I have fleshed out the colours more and the facial features. I am thinking about adding flames to the background to signify the living hell of being in an abusive relationship. I'm not sure about that yet though. Alternatively, I might add text to the picture. I still have many of the aggressive, threatening things my ex said sent me during a 3 year stalking and harassment campaign he carried out after I divorced him. Maybe some of that will find it's way in there. Anyway, plenty more to do on this yet. I will keep posting updates.

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