Sunday, 14 October 2018

Old Work Share

I have been sorting through lots of old photos and documents on the hard drive today and I came across these portraits along with loads of other artwork which spans back to the early 2002. According to the properties on the photos, these were taken in 2008, so I painted them about 10 years ago ... how time flies! I just wonder if I have improved at all in ten years ..... a bit worrying! Anyway, I thought I would share these watercolour portraits as I am going through a watercolour stage at the moment. These images are actually  cropped. The originals had more background and shoulders, bodies, hair etc. Quite interesting to see what I was producing ten years ago though. 

Friday, 12 October 2018

Backgrounds Ready To Work On

In my previous post I was excited about starting some new watercolour artworks in large scale. It is so long since I created anything over about 12 inches so I thought I would go large again. Here are the first few sheets that I laid down some washes on. I never, ever know what I am going to end up with  - I am not one of those artist who sketches and knows exactly what they are going to produce. I go with the flow and I like to see where my artworks take me while I am doing them. These sheets measure 16 by 20 inches I believe and I am really looking forward to seeing where I am taken. I will post updays of work in progress as I go on.

I have Got My Watercolours Out!

I tend to go from acrylic, to drawing / illustration, to watercolours, to collage, to mixed media .... and back again! This week I have had the urge to get my watercolour paints out again. I get so excited looking at those flat round pans of delicious colour. I love the subtlety of watercolour. It is really versatile - you can paint in a very subtle way, letting the colours run wet into wet and bleed against each other, alternatively you can get bold, rich, sharp colour by using more colour and less water. It's the perfect medium really. I have some large sheets of gorgeous lightly textured paper which I am going to be working on. I have already laid down some washes and am keen to get started on some more detail. I usually work with drawing pens as well when I am using watercolour to draw in lots of detail. I will post some work in progress shots as I get them done. See the watercolour / mixed media works I have in my Etsy Shop at the moment by clicking HERE