Saturday, 28 July 2018

Donald Trump Baby Balloon Blimp

You must have had your head in the sand this last couple of weeks if you haven't seen the infamous (or rather 'famous) Donald Trump Blimp which was created to fly at the UK protests of Trump's visit to the UK. It certainly caused quite a stir. Apparently it is now going on a world tour, which is brilliant. Love it or hate it, the image has now become iconic and has even been turned into a knitting pattern ..... with detachable toupee!   

So, I made my own Trump Blimp artwork which you can download and print yourself. It was created with collage and acrylic, drawing pens and enhanced digitally at the end. Available in my ETSY SHOP. The first image is a work in progress photo and the second the finished item. I have already sold one after just a couple of days, so very happy about that. 

Love or hate Trump, he has certainly become a focus, and subject for many artists over the last year or so, and there are some great paintings, illustrations, cartoons and other products available featuring Trumpy. 

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