Tuesday, 29 May 2018

New Piece Started

This latest piece is very loosely based on this Gustav Klimt painting - I wanted to try something in landscape, as my work always tends to be portrait, and I just loved the shape of the headdress in the original artwork. Here I am about third of the way through it, and I am really enjoying building the collage up. Apart from the initial inspiration, my collage bears absolutely no resemblance to the Klimt artwork either in colour or design:-)

Monday, 28 May 2018

First Collaged Face

As previously mentioned, I started making some abstract collages to get me back into the swing of doing some art again. Then I thought, what if I combined this collaging technique with my faces and animals? My confidence has been growing again the last couple of weeks as the abstracts turned out really well, so I thought I would give it a go. And here is what resulted! I am quite pleased with how it's turned out. As usual the colour metaphorically punches you in the face (I have never been that good at subtle) and there is lots of movement with the swirly background behind the collage. Below are photos of the works in progress.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

Backgrounds For Collages

Some completed backgrounds to cover in luscious cut paper shapes. With my art I always tend to go for 'overkill' and nine times out of ten, have a patterned background as well as my abstract shapes or subject. I think having 'all over' artworks makes them more vibrant as the design, whether back or foreground, goes right to the edges of the paper. I can also set up high colour or pattern contrast working in this manner. I have no clue how these will turn out as I never start any artwork with a pre conceived idea ...... so watch this space :-)  

Retro Style Collage

To ease myself into creating art again I decided to do some collage. I have always, at the side of my funky, raw art, had a range of cut paper collages, which are inspired by mid century design style. As I hadn't many of these left, and as making collage didn't mean I had to actually draw anything, I thought this would be a gentle way to get back into my art. I make these with my own painted and printed papers, so all I need to paint, effectively is the backgrounds. However, I always have a stack of these in reserve so out came the papers, and the above is the result .... the first artwork I have completed in many months. Available in my Etsy shop.   

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Art Drought

It's been a very up and down year, that's for sure. I lost my dear Mum last July after caring for her for years while she was in the throes of dementia. I then went into a sort of weird surreal mindset for a while, where I felt like I wanted to move to the countryside and get away from everything and everyone. The second half of 2017 passed in a haze.

Then early 2018 my daughter flew the nest, I moved house, and I got married, so after the haze, came the whirlwind! But I am still in the city, thank goodness - I don't know what I was thinking - I love living in the city .... but through all this I started to do less and less art until things came to a virtual standstill and I painted nothing for quite a few months. All the changes that had happened over the last year, plus my general low feeling added up to a sort of depression, which I have not been able to dig myself out of. Added to all this I have several health issues which don't make you feel great!

However, over the last few weeks I have started to see the light again. With the house move came a new doctor's surgery and a lovely new doctor (older female) who has, with new advice and different meds (and hormones) helped me to feel much, much better this last few weeks ..... and lo! I have started to make art again.