Monday, 23 November 2015

Collage Artwork From Scraps

I have been doing some new collage work today, using cardboard (from cardboard boxes) and other scraps, old damaged book illustrations, pieces of corrugated cardboard, left overs etc. I haven't got that much to show as yet, but I have at least made a start. I love to use up old scraps in my artwork - I think you get a very earthy, authentic feel to artwork when everything is not brand new, pristine, bought from the art shop. The grounds are pieces of cardboard box which I have collaged torn scraps onto; I will build my compositions on top of this. I will post further pictures when I have done a bit more on these. Check out my WEBSITE where I have a selection mixed media / collages for sale.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Anatomy Of A Painting - Angel In Flowered Scarf

I haven't done one of these posts for a while, but I have been working on a commission this last couple of weeks - a larger piece that had a lot of detail and took quite a number of sessions to complete, so perfect to follow from start to finish. This painting is based on my smaller piece 'Angel In Flowered Scarf'. The original is about 9 x 13 inches. This one is 20 x 24, so quite a large jump up in size there. 

The customer wanted her piece to be as near as possible to the original, which was painted in mixed media on a grungey monoprinted background. This led to a couple of challenges right away - the proportions of the paper sizes are different, therefore in order to keep the angel the same proportions, I had to leave a little extra background at each side of the figure. Also, trying to replicate a grunge abstract background is quite difficult .... and I have the other sheets to prove it ;-) After making several prints, I chose this one, as I had managed to get it most like the original. I will use the other sheets for different artworks, cut back down to smaller sizes.

After laying down the monoprint, I then started my initial sketch, using the original piece as reference. I also made a copy of the original and sectioned it by folding it into quarters, length and width wise to help me work out proportions. After painting in the initial figure, I worked a bit more on the background, putting a bit more grunge in, to make it more like the original, and deepened the background colour with several layers. Acrylic is great for building up very rich, deep, jewel-like colour. In the photo above, I had started to also add a bit of detail on the body. 

Above, I am about three quarters way through the painting. By this time I have added many layers of colour, drawn in detail, and started the background patterning. 

The finished piece. Now I have drawn in lots of detail, which is a little hard to see on these photos, but there is actually quite a lot of drawing on this work. The photo below compares the two works. The original is slightly darker as the grungey background is more prominent, however I didn't want to add to much black to this much larger piece - it will be taking up far more wall space obviously - I wanted to really use the size to enable the work to zing! Therefore the black shading under the work is slightly less. I feel this makes the angel stand out nore - her face is lighter, and the whole figure doesn't blend into the background as much. Also, as previously mentioned, the angel has a little bit more background up each side of her due to the paper proportions being different. 

I am incredibly pleased with how this painting has turned out. I'ts never easy to replicate another work ..... in fact it's jolly difficult. :-) Also with commissioned work you have the added pressure of making sure the customer gets exactly what they want. Thankfully, in the 15 years I have been taking private commissions I have never had one person who didn't like their finished artwork (shameless self promotion!!!) When I do bespoke artwork I always give myself loads of time as I like to work in numerous sessions, in order to be fresh at each session so I can do my very best work. Also, this gives me time, in case I have to start again. A rare occurrence, but again, less pressure if I know I don't have to rush anything.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Collage With Recycling

As you me know, I'm a bit of a renaissance woman and I tend to be creative in quite a few different genres. Sometimes I'm creating quirky folk art, sometimes I'm painting and upcycling furniture, I also like to create highly colourful mid century style abstract collages using my own painted and printed papers. At other times I am painting large ink abstracts.

This week I have been working on some really unusual textured, minimal, mixed media abstract artworks. For these, I like to use old cardboard boxes and other recyclable materials, offcuts from previous discarded artworks, or bits of trash that would usually go in the bin. Add to this some snippets of text from vintage magazines or newspapers and you have something unusual and quite beautiful.

These pieces have a definite 'grunge' look to them with their torn collage pieces, textured surfaces and paint splashes, However, I always like to finish these pieces with the glossiest of gloss varnish, which makes the colours and surface nuances really sing out. Created on thick card and cardboard pieces, taken from actual cardboard packing boxes, these paintings have an authentic, chunky feel to them. At 5 1/4 x 7 1/2 inches and 6 x 8 inches, I have these works plus several similar pieces. At £18.95 each, please CONTACT for availability